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Camero™ – Canadian Metal Roofing Corp.

Our company, Camero™ Corporation, manufactures highly durable and reliable metal roofing materials to construct commercial and residential roofing systems. During the production process, we use hot galvanized steel covered in polymer coating to guarantee a long-lasting service life. We diligently select suppliers of our materials to make sure that only premium quality products are delivered and used in every step of the production cycle.

The work of our employees is strictly monitored and our products go through extensive quality control to assure the highest quality of the end product and its adaptability in extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, our roof tiles are resistant to deformation, rust, mechanical stress and ultraviolet rays. Camero’s lightweight roofing system makes it possible to reduce the requirements of the truss system and, in turn, reduce overall construction time and costs.

Every individual order is customizable in the following ways: profiles are available in a broad range of unique types and shapes, as well as a wide selection of coating materials and colors. A high-quality, water resistant roof membrane is applied at the request of the client. Each client has the ability to select a coating material that will satisfy all necessary requirements and select a color that will complement the design of any house or structure.

The professionals at Camero™ will assist you in determining the exact calculations and materials necessary for your project to ensure a swift, waste-free metal roof installation process.

Camero™ products are available for shipment all around the world. Please contact us at any time for further details and additional information!

Cameron manufacturing layersWhy choose us

  • Green – Our product is manufactured with an excess of at least 97% recycled material
  • 50 Year / Lifetime Transferable Warranty – We offer a non-prorated warranty. If you choose to sell your home, it becomes a 40-year warranty which is free to transfer and is non-prorated
  • Energy Efficient – You will benefit with reduced energy bills that will make this an investment type of roof as there is a definite payback over the years
  • Protection against wild animals such as squirrels and raccoons
  • Lower Insurance costs-Our system is rated for the highest Fire Rating Class “A” (UL790), highest Wind Rating Class 90 (UL580) up to 118 Miles Per Hour and the highest Hail Rating Class IV (UL2218).
  • Seamless Assembly – Our profiles are manufactured using 3D cutting technology which allows us to provide seamless and invisible joints
  • Maintenance free
  • Even heat and air conditioning distribution on all levels
  • Increase in property value
  • Much lower life cycle cost than asphalt shingles roofing
  • Improved Air Quality – Our built in ventilation system eliminates excessive moisture and provides well ventilated air which will keep your home mold – free and safe from environmental issues
  • Leakage Protection – Panels provide double the normal water removal system
  • Corrosion Protection – Our roll formed products are manufactured using the latest technology in pre-treatment and paint technology which provides you with a lasting finish that will not chip, fade or flake. Our panels have seven layers of baked on polymer coating
  • Insurance – We carry a 5 Million dollar liability policy, and all of our installers are WSIB insured and compliant with Working At Heights regulations
  • Flexible payment options available
  • Adjustable wave length and profile height to suit your requirements
  • Our attic inspection will provide the foundation for proper ventilation which is the key principle to a long lasting roof

Let Camero™ provide you with the last roof you will ever need on your beautiful home.

Camero™ service areas

  • All of Ontario (South of North Bay)
  • Alberta 
  • New Brunswick 
  • Quebec (Montreal – Hull)

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