Camero Metal roofs Accessories


Camero™ products are revolutionizing the roofing industry by offering reliable, efficient, attractive and affordable roofing materials. Because of our high quality materials and effective installation teams, many homeowners are already enjoying superior roofs over their heads; roofs that will last for decades. In this section, you will find the specifications for the additional accessories that are essential to building a beautiful and permanent roof.

Camero Steel Roofing Wall Flashing AccessoryWall Flashings

Wall Flashings are components used to help waterproof the wall perimeters and protrusions in a roofing system.

Camero snow breaker

Snow Breakers

Snow Breakers are used in areas with heavy snowfalls to help break apart snow so it does not fall off of the roof surface in large pieces and harm people or property.



Camero snow breaker protector

Camero Starter AccessoryStarters

A Starter is used to begin the attachment of the metal roofing system. It is used at the eave (bottom) of the roof on many metal shingle systems and on the left hand edge of the roof on many standing seam systems.

Camero Gable AccessoryGables

A Gable is the edge of the roof that runs from the eave to the ridge.

Camero accessory round ridge capRound Ridge Cap

A ridge cap is installed along the ridge line of a sloped roof. A ridge cap ts over the joint of two edges to keep snow and rain out of the home.It also helps to finish off the look of the roof by creating a tightly sealed joint along the two sides.

Camero accessory end cap coneEnd Cap Cone

The end cap cone is installed to the end of a ridge cap to seal the joint and ensure that no moisture enters underneath the ridge cap.

Camero steel tile roofing screwRoofing Screws

A fastener of metal panels, flashings and other accessories.

Camero steel tile sealer spongeSealer Sponge

A resilient strip of neoprene foam, used to close openings created by joining metal panels or flashings.

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