Selecting the best metal roofing for a residential home is an important decision and a positive change in so many ways. Think of it like a brand new start to your home. Thanks to advanced modern technology, a metal roof can provide durable, reliable, long-lasting protection to any residential building. Not only does it give you, the homeowner, relief that your family and possessions are safe, but it also provides additional benefits to your wallet and the environment.

The most common metal material used for this type of roofing is galvanized steel. Zinc-coated galvanized steel panels are ideal and are considered the bet metal roofing for residential structures. Zinc has excellent corrosion resistance properties which is important when considering all of the adverse weather conditions that impact the roof all year round such as hail, extreme heat/cold, and snow.

Another advantage of a metal roof on a residential home is its unique look. You would be surprised how much a new metal roof contributes to the overall appearance of the house. A new metal roof can give your home the fresh “face-lift” that it deserves, enhancing curb appeal and property value. If you are considering selling your home in the future, a new metal roof can give you an edge over the competition.

Best metal roofing for residential homes

When compared to traditional asphalt shingles, the best metal roofing for residential homes is steel tiles. An aging or damaged shingle roof can have gaps and cracks that allow heat to escape your home. Therefore, the switch from a traditional asphalt shingle roof to a high-quality metal roof gives you the opportunity to invest in an energy-efficient roofing material. A metal roof will facilitate proper ventilation that will essentially keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Best metal roofing for residential homes

Asphalt shingle roofs can last over 10 years, but a lot can change in the roofing industry by the time you are thinking about a roof replacement. Advanced technology in the production of metal roofing has made them more resilient and more attractive than most other roofing materials. Camero allows the client to select their preferred color and profile design to ensure a perfect match to any structure.

It is important to consider the best metal roofing options for residential homes because any area can experience a sudden environmental event that can severely damage your roof and home. For example, in the last couple weeks, there have been higher winds than normal. This has caused a lot of asphalt shingles to blow off, exposing the roof to moisture, leaks and other elements. The 2 main reasons that cause this dilemma is the oil content of the shingles and installations that are below 50F. Once the oil dissipates from the shingles (which can happen after only one year) the shingles start to crack and curl especially in Southern exposure. This allows the wind to get underneath and remove the shingles from the roof, thus exposing your home to leaks, mold and moisture. Another cause of this dilemma is if asphalt shingles are installed under 50F, the adhesive does not dry properly. This makes it easy for the wind to pull them off and cause extensive damage to the roof. Does the image below look familiar?

A metal roof is the primary solution to this issue. Our roofs are guaranteed to withstand winds of up to 118 MPH. We have never experienced winds in Ontario that have exceeded this limit. Never worry about having to replace your roof again by installing a high quality Camero metal roof!