Camero™ Pilot Home Special

If you do not see your area listed below, contact us to find out if you qualify for the Camero™ Pilot Home Special. Enjoy premium rates and additional benefits when you become a Camero™ Pilot Home for your area!

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  • Go green – manufactured from 97% recycled material
  • Energy efficient – save up to 25% on energy costs
  • Add curb appeal – increase resale value of your home by 5-12%
  • Improved air quality – ventilation system eliminates excessive moisture and keeps your home mold-free
  • Leakage protection – Panels provide double the normal water removal system
  • Lower insurance costs – profiles were tested and rated for the highest hail, wind and fire ratings
  • Attic inspection – essential in ensuring that your roof is free of any mold or humidity issues.

Other Camero™ Service Areas

Camero metal roofing projects – Bradford, Ontario

Camero™ strong and reliable roofing materials and built to last. Homeowners in Bradford made the correct decision by selecting a Camero metal roof to protect their home, family and valuable possessions. All of the products that we manufacture are backed by a true 50-year or lifetime warranty, depending on the profile you select. All of our profiles are engineered to last decades in terms of performance and appearance, which in turn, increases home value and decreases energy costs. We guarantee that our policies are free from any loopholes and fine print, simply because we use quality steel materials and highly precise manufacturing equipment.

Have a look at some completed projects in the Bradford area.

After our house, 4 other neighbors near me got Camero roofs installed, looks like I have started a trend in my neighborhood! I would recommend Camero to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable metal roof.
Mary C.
The installation crew was on time, courteous and cleaned up the site after each shift. I was impressed by how they are able to work in any weather conditions as long as the roof is dry. After the installation was complete and all of the snow melted, the installers returned to clean up extra little pieces of that were left behind in the snow and left my lot spotless!
Jordan R.
Our old shingle roof was severely damaged by a hail storm in July 2016. We contacted Camero who agreed to work together with our insurance company to replace our roof with a metal roof immediately. The whole process was relatively quick and stress-free. Thank you Camero!
Anna S.