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Canadian Metal Roofing (Camero™) products are built and designed with the highest quality standards. Using the best roofing materials and manufacturing equipment, Camero™ steel tiles are built to withstand the most adverse weather conditions.

Whether building a new home or replacing an existing roof, we understand that the decision can be overwhelming. Let the professionals at Camero™ help you create the masterpiece you intended.

Praise for Camero™

Our old shingle roof was severely damaged by a hail storm in July 2016. We contacted Camero who agreed to work together with our insurance company to replace our roof with a metal roof immediately. The whole process was relatively quick and stress-free. Thank you Camero!
Anna S.
I am so happy with my decision to install a metal roof. I no longer worry about cracked or peeling shingles which were ruining the appearance of my home.
Alisa M.
From the estimate, to the installation, to the final inspection – everything was extremely service-oriented! Very pleasant experience with Camero.
Alma T.
The whole process with Camero was smooth and stress-free. I no longer have to worry about my curling and peeling shingles that were giving me leakage problems. If you don’t have a metal roof installed yet, I recommend going with Camero, you won’t regret it.
Artem K.
I am so impressed with the roofing job Camero has done. Some of my neighbors have already booked appointments with Camero to receive an estimate on their roof.
Clyde B.
I just installed a new Camero™ tile metal roof on my house. My wife and I are very pleased with the way it looks and I am the envy of the neighborhood! My neighbors are dropping in and inquiring about where they can get a roof like this. One neighbor across the street has already purchased a Camero™ metal roof. Dealing with this company from start to finish was a very pleasurable experience. The sales person was very professional and knowledgeable on all roofing products. He explained the installation process in great detail and that was followed. The installation team was highly courteous and cleaned up the lot after every night. After the installation was complete, our property was left spotless. We would definitely recommend this roof to all of our friends and neighbors!
The installation crew was on time, courteous and cleaned up the site after each shift. I was impressed by how they are able to work in any weather conditions as long as the roof is dry. After the installation was complete and all of the snow melted, the installers returned to clean up extra little pieces of that were left behind in the snow and left my lot spotless!
Jordan R.
The instllation went smoothly and the finished product looks great. We have even noticed an estimated 25% decrease in our utility costs over the winter season with our new roof.
Marius and Michaela S.
Camero was able to identify my issues with the ventilation in my attic which was fixed when they installed the metal roof.
Mark O.
After our house, 4 other neighbors near me got Camero roofs installed, looks like I have started a trend in my neighborhood! I would recommend Camero to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable metal roof.
Mary C.
They were professional, on time and on budget. I would definitely recommend them if you’re thinking about a new roof.
Paul M.
I just had a Camero metal roof installed on my home and I must say it was a very pleasant experience from start to finish.

The salesperson explained the whole process in great detail and they did exactly what they said they would do.

Most impressive was the attic inspection they performed. This put my mind at ease and now I can be certain that my roof has the proper ventilation that it needs.

All my neighbors are jealous!

Pavel V.
We got several roofing quotes but Camero™ was the only one who conducted an extensive attic inspection during the appointment. The Camero™ roofing consultant explained to us the importance of adequate roofing ventilation to protect the insulation from humidity and also lower temperatures in the home. The installation crews were highly efficient and courteous and made sure to keep the front yard clean after each day. The overall experience was very professional and has made our house the envy of the neighborhood!
Slava & Katia
What I am most satisfied with about Camero is that they stand by their product 100%. The roofing consultant made sure to go over the warranty in detail and attend to any concerns I had. Very pleasant experience all around.
Walter W.
The roofing consultant answered all of our questions during the first appointment. After signing the contract, the roof was complete within two weeks. Very smooth and quick process.
Yasmin D.
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