October Pilot Home Special

Become a Camero™ Pilot Home in your area for a special rate!

Is your roof ready for the cooler, changing season? Did you know that it is not too late to install a metal roof at this time of year?

Failure to address your roofing needs in a timely manner can lead to serious issues:

  1. Severe leakage that may lead to MOLD in your home
  2. High cost and wait times for emergency repairs
  3. Weather conditions that may lead to blowing shingles
  4. Improper ventilation in your roofing system may lead to severe ice damming which in turn, can have water pouring into your house in the middle of winter
  5. Open spaces in your roofing system can lead to an animal infestation such as squirrels, raccoons, mice and skunks.

Metal roofs can be installed year-round, unlike shingles that can only be properly installed in warm weather. Our metal roofing system is completely mechanical – there are absolutely no adhesives used during the installation process. However, asphalt shingles require a constant temperature of in excess of 45°F (7°C); which is hard to achieve in the upcoming winter months.

We are looking for home owners in selected areas to become our Pilot Home for that area.

What are the benefits of being a Camero™ Pilot Home?

  1. Special discounted rate
  2. Special bonuses for referrals affiliated with your roofing project
  3. Free attic inspection
  4. Free snow breakers
  5. Free ridge venting
  6. Drone presentation – before and after footage of your roofing project using the latest technology in drone video cameras
I just installed a new CAMERO tile metal roof on my house. My wife and I are very pleased with the way it looks and I am the envy of the neighborhood! My neighbors are dropping in and inquiring about where they can get a roof like this. One neighbor across the street has already purchased a CAMERO metal roof. Dealing with this company from start to finish was a very pleasurable experience. The sales person was very professional and knowledgeable on all roofing products. He explained the installation process in great detail and that was followed. The installation team was highly courteous and cleaned up the lot after every night. After the installation was complete, our property was left spotless. We would definitely recommend this roof to all of our friends and neighbors!
We got several roofing quotes but Camero™ was the only one who conducted an extensive attic inspection during the appointment. The Camero™ roofing consultant explained to us the importance of adequate roofing ventilation to protect the insulation from humidity and also lower temperatures in the home. The installation crews were highly efficient and courteous and made sure to keep the front yard clean after each day. The overall experience was very professional and has made our house the envy of the neighborhood!
Slava & Katia

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