Our installers have been working hard on a Mechanical (Classic) Standing Seam metal roof installation in Uxbridge, ON. The homeowner of this new development chose the colour Charcoal in 24ga galvanized, zinc-coated steel. The area of the roof is over 7,000 sq.ft. and the back shed is an approximate 2,000 sq.ft., making the total project over 9,000 sq.ft.

The Classic Standing Seam metal roof is the most durable, water-resistant and robust roofing system on the current market. The panel width is adjustable to suit the requirements of the client, and may come with either a single or double lock. The single lock crimps the top panel’s leg over, creating strong, and water tight seal. The double lock is clamped together with a machine, creating an extra tight seal to keep out water and withstand strong winds. The Classic Standing Seam may be installed on pitches that are less than 3/12. This standing seam metal roofing system utilizes a hidden slip which allows for thermal expansion of the panel. It is important to note that once the panels have been double-locked, changing a damaged panel is no longer an option – the entire section must be replaced.

Stay tuned for images of the complete project!