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 We offer for your consideration this quotation on portable standing seam roll forming machine, model FPM-005. All equipment is designed and manufactured by Ruscana Engineering Group.

Portable Standing Seam Roll Former, model FPM-005

Portable standing seam roll former, model FPM-005, hereinafter referred to as Equipment, is intended for roll forming standing seam profiles using galvanized steel including polymer coating , copper, aluminum, zinc-titanium (pic. 1).

Camero portable standing seam roll former

Raw material requirements:

  • galvanized sheet steel with mass of zinc coating 100…275 g/m2; yield strength 280…320 MPa; with polymer coating: polyether, pural, plastisol;
  • width – 250 mm…700 mm;
  • coil thickness – 0,45 mm…0,7 mm;
  • copper, aluminum, zinc-titanium thickness – 0,7 mm…0,8 mm

Technical characteristics:

Rolling speed: up to 12 m/min.
Installed power capacity – 2х0,55 kW
Power supply voltage at frequency of 60 Hz, 115 / 208-230 V
Adjustment of the equipment to the desired width of the profile is carried out by manually moving the profiling units relative to the marked centre.
Temperature operating mode of the equipment +35°– 10 °С
Overall dimensions of the equipment in set with uncoiler «Liner» (LxWxH), 2100х1370х1050 mm
Total weight of the set of equipment (including: roll former, uncoiler, and embossing rolling dies) 307 kg
Required operating personnel 2 people (depending on the operation mode)

The equipment is demounted into three parts in transport position: frame, two profiling units each equipped with motor reducer
Overall dimensions of the profile unit (LxWxH), 1410х450х370 mm.
The weight of the 1 profile unit is 89 kg.
Overall dimensions of the frame (LxWxH), 1070х1100х840 mm.
The weight of the frame is 67 kg

List of equipment:

  1. Portable standing seam roll former, model FPM-005;
  2. Embossing roller dies, for 1 type
  3. Uncoiler « Liner»
No nnDescriptionDetails
1Portable standing seam roll former, model PSR -005 
1.1Quantity of pairs of profiling rolls6 pcs.
1.2Profiling rolls materialSteel grades ASTM 5140
1.3Product width readjustmentmanual
1.4Control boxhardware base Omron (Japan)
1.5Overall dimensions (LxWxH), approximately1560х1370х1050mm
1.6Weight, approximately245 kg
2Embossing roller dies, for 1 typeYes
2.1Weight17 kg
3Uncoiler « Liner», Yes/NoYes
3.1Lifting power180 kg
3.2Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm520х1080х370
3.3Weight45 kg
Camero portable standing seam roll former
Camero portable standing seam roll former

Download Portable Standing Seam Roll Former Specs.