Type of Roof: Type 1

  Type of Profile: Classic Monterey

  Color (RAL): RAL 3009

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Steel and metal roof estimate prices – calculate metal roofing cost per square foot.

Camero Corporation offers free metal roof estimates to all homeowners interested in learning about their detailed metal roofing price. In order to provide the best price on metal roofing, roofing costs are determined by the roof size, slope, complexity, as well as preferred style and colour.

Metal roofing estimate price per square foot

To calculate the metal roof cost, we consider the surface area and the metal roofing installation cost. When you consider your annual roofing cost over time, the average price of a metal roof is much cheaper than your typical asphalt shingles. On the average house, the cost to use a qualified, insured asphalt roofing contractor in today’s market would be $7,500. It is a well known fact that asphalt shingles do not last even ten years, so to replace this roof in ten years it would cost $8,500 considering inflation.

In ten years, your average cost per year to roof your house would be $1,600. Conversely, after another ten years, the cost may go up to $9,000, making the total cost $25,000 over 20 years. That becomes $1250 per year. The cost to install a metal roof on the same size house would be $15,000. Over ten years, you would have minimum energy savings of at least $5,000. On top of that, due to the highest fire rating “Class A”, highest wind rating “Class 90 – up to 118 mph, and the highest hail rating “Class IV”, you can save up to $100 a year (and up to $1,000 in ten years) on your insurance cost. Therefore, over ten years, your roofing cost would be brought down to an annual cost of $900.

If you look at it over the next ten years, the price becomes even more attractive. You experience the same savings which now decrease your total roofing cost over 20 years to $3,000. So, your annual roofing cost for the metal roof per year over 20 years is $150, compared $1250 per year for asphalt. Keep in mind that a metal roof is also maintenance free, and will not require eaves trough cleaning or other tedious maintenance.

In 10 Years+ $8,500– $5,000
– $1,000
Energy Savings Insurance
Total Cost$16,000$9,000 
Cost per Year$1,600$900 
In 20 Years+ $9,000– $5,000
– $1,000
 Energy Savings Insurance
Total Cost$25,000$3,000 
Cost per Year$1,250$150 
Increased Home Value

Steel roof cost per square foot

In order to give you a proper steel roof estimate, our estimator has to calculate the roof area and consider the difficulty, slope and accessibility to determine the cost per square foot. Another factor that affects the steel roof cost is the profile, colour and finish selected by the homeowner. After considering all factors we determine the price per square to provide the most economical steel roofing prices that meet the customers needs. 

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Our products are manufactured with at least 97% recycled material and provide energy efficient benefits. We offer a lifetime non-prorated warranty which is free to transfer. This maintenance-free roof will be the last roof you will ever need. Contact us for a free estimate and ask about our easy flexible payment options!

I just installed a new Camero™ tile metal roof on my house. My wife and I are very pleased with the way it looks and I am the envy of the neighborhood! My neighbors are dropping in and inquiring about where they can get a roof like this. One neighbor across the street has already purchased a Camero™ metal roof. Dealing with this company from start to finish was a very pleasurable experience. The sales person was very professional and knowledgeable on all roofing products. He explained the installation process in great detail and that was followed. The installation team was highly courteous and cleaned up the lot after every night. After the installation was complete, our property was left spotless. We would definitely recommend this roof to all of our friends and neighbors!
We got several roofing quotes but Camero™ was the only one who conducted an extensive attic inspection during the appointment. The Camero™ roofing consultant explained to us the importance of adequate roofing ventilation to protect the insulation from humidity and also lower temperatures in the home. The installation crews were highly efficient and courteous and made sure to keep the front yard clean after each day. The overall experience was very professional and has made our house the envy of the neighborhood!
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