In the last couple weeks, there have been higher winds than normal. This has caused a lot of asphalt shingles to blow off, exposing the roof to moisture, leaks and other elements. The 2 main reasons that cause this dilemma is the oil content of the shingles and installations that are below 50F. Once the oil dissipates from the shingles (which can happen after only one year) the shingles start to crack and curl especially in Southern exposure. This allows the wind to get underneath and remove the shingles from the roof, thus exposing your home to leaks, mold and moisture. Another cause of this dilemma is if asphalt shingles are installed under 50F, the adhesive does not cure properly. This makes it easy for the wind to pull them off and cause extensive damage to the roof.

A metal roof is the primary solution to this issue. Our roofs are guaranteed to withstand winds of up to 118 MPH. We have never experienced winds in Ontario that have exceeded this limit. Never worry about having to replace your roof again by installing a high quality Cameroâ„¢ metal roof!