Metal and steel roofing products

Camero Corporation products are built and designed with the highest quality standards. Using the best roofing materials and manufacturing equipment, our steel tiles are built to withstand the most adverse weather conditions of North America.

Classic Monterey

Utilizing a modern approach in the manufacturing of metal panels, the Classic Monterey provides a reliable and durable solution to bring the finest benefits of metal roofing to today’s homeowner. Read more.

Grand Terra

This roofing material is manufactured using the highest quality Swedish steel. Our innovative metal panels are cut with 3d technology to ensure peak performance. The leak-proof roofing system is designed to protect and enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home! Read more.

Standing Seam

Designed for both residential and commercial buildings, our energy efficient Quick Snap Standing Seam steel roof is manufactured using the very best materials designed for this market. Read more.


Snow guards are metal devices installed along the perimeter of your roof that hold large volumes of snow, and allow snow and ice to melt completely before falling on the ground. Read more.


Cameroâ„¢ products are revolutionizing the roofing industry by offering reliable, efficient, attractive and affordable roofing materials. Because of our high quality materials and effective installation teams, many homeowners are already enjoying superior roofs over their heads; roofs that will last for decades. In this section, you will find the specifications for the additional accessories that are essential to building a beautiful and permanent roof. Read more.

Ventilated Metal Strapping

The ventilated steel strapping system is manufactured using high quality steel and designed to provide increased strength compared to traditional wood strapping. The perforated holes in the steel straps allow for air to circulate and prevent the accumulation of moisture in the attic. Read more.