Although aluminum, copper and zinc are popular siding materials, metal and steel siding panels have proven to be the most reliable. Whether the siding panels are corrugated, ribbed, or bevel-style – metal and steel continues to be highly versatile in the installation of residential, commercial and agricultural siding and wall cladding. The average cost to install metal siding could range from $5-$15 dollars per square foot. There are a variety of styles, colours and coatings to choose from that may affect the overall price of your project. The installation cost will vary depending on the difficulty and location of the job site. For comparison, the price of zinc siding can range from $15-$20 dollars per square foot, while copper siding can cost an upwards of $35 dollars per square foot. It is more common to see high-end siding application on luxurious residential and commercial structures such as condominiums and shopping malls. To install metal and steel siding on a typical home, you can expect to pay between $18,000 and $28,000 dollars. In turn, the installation of zinc siding on the same home can cost more than $40,000 dollars and over $70,000 for copper siding installation.

metal siding panels

Metal and steel siding panels are the most common and widely available material for installation on residential properties. Steel panels are generally priced based on the thickness (gauge) of the material and the coating. Specifically, steel uses the term “gauge” to identify the thickness of the metal – with lower numbers translating to thicker material. 26ga and 29ga applications are standard, although we do not recommend installing 29ga as it is too thin for residential application. More expensive options such as the 22ga and 24ga panels and profiles are also available.

steel siding panels

Using high quality, factory finished paints on the metal siding panels ensures protection against corrosion on the material. In fact, all Camero steel and metal siding panels are coated with seven layers of baked-on Polymer coating. The layers consist of pretreatment, primer, zinc and durable Polyester paint. A reliable coating of paint is essential for a successful siding system and greatly extends its service life. Camero metal siding panels are manufactured using premium quality galvanized steel. Because of the galvanizing process, steel retains paint much better than aluminum. It is important to note that galvanized layer is made of zinc, while Galvalume steel is coated with a combination of zinc and aluminum. Galvalume steel is slightly more expensive than traditional galvanized G-90 steel. Moreover, even Galvalume will eventually corrode if installed near the salt spray of the ocean near coastal regions of Canada. In this case, aluminum would be a better but more expensive alternative.

Corrugated panels are ripple metal sheets that are generally used for roofing, siding and wall cladding purposes. Corrugated panels are durable, practical, resistant to harsh weather and are lightweight. Corrugated panels, standing seam and horizontal panels are common styles of metal and steel siding. Homeowners commonly select styles that imitate shingles, brick, stone and intricate design patterns. In fact, there are some designs that only metal and steel siding can achieve such as diagonal patterns.

Some other advantage of metal siding panels include versatility, durability and wide price range and colour selection to suit the needs of any client. There are several budget friendly options that provide the same benefits as more luxurious materials. The installation process is simple, quick and eco-friendly. More importantly, metal siding panels are fire resistant, will not rot and are extremely low maintenance.

The professionals at Camero will gladly examine your project and provide you with a reliable, fair quote and advice offer on your wall siding renovation!