If you have decided to put off your roof replacement to Spring, do not panic if your roof begins to leak – our metal roof panels can be installed all year round! Unlike traditional asphalt shingles that can only be installed during the summer months, metal roofs can be installed at any time of year, regardless of the temperature. Asphalt shingles rely on a special adhesive that is only effective during the months of April and November. Metal panels can be successfully installed all year round, as long as there is no heavy snowfall or extreme cold/hot temperatures.

This is because the installation process is entirely mechanical and no adhesives are used at all. Instead, we use steel screws to attachment the roof panels to previously installed spruce wood strapping underneath. Metal roof panels are a great solution for homes that experience adverse weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rainfall and hail. Our installers install these roofing systems all year and even sometimes prefer to work during the cooler temperatures rather than being on the roof in the scorching hot sun! With modern work attire, comfort is not an issue. The only slight disadvantage of doing a roof renovation during the winter season is that it may take a little longer.

The days are shorter and snow has to be removed off of the roof before any work is done. We also cannot complete work during an active snowfall for safety reasons. We also do not uncover any part of the roof that will not be completed that same day. This ensures that your attic space remains concealed and dry throughout the duration of the project. Our professional installation crews work hard to ensure your roofing project turns out like the masterpiece you had intended.

Metal roof panels

Metal roof panels pricing

In order to keep our crews busy and working, we offer discounted metal roof panel pricing for the Winter season, which can save the homeowner a lot of money! Did you know? If you live in a semi-detach or a townhouse, we can install our metal tiles on your personal roof without disturbing the neighbor’s side. This is especially convenient for clients who live in a townhouse but cannot get their neighbors to agree on replacing their roof. It is a common practice to separate your roof with the installation of an additional parapet wall. There is no need to get your neighbors approval, and we can install your preferred roof at any convenient time – hassle free! However, if you and your neighbor decide to get both roofs replaced, you will also save on the cost of metal roof panels.

Metal roof panels pricing