Metal siding is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to wood, vinyl and other durable siding materials. Metal siding is applied to the exterior walls of a structure and is available in a variety of profile shapes. Due to its speedy installation and high performance, it has become one of the easiest ways to refine the facade of the building. Metal siding is an ideal solution for creating a ventilated facade with rigid properties. It is important to note that unlike vinyl siding panels, metal siding panels are non-combustible. In fact, all of our metal roofing and siding products carry the highest fire rating “Class A”. Another advantage of metal roofing and siding is that is more durable than wood and also requires no maintenance. For example, dirty siding can simply be rinsed with a garden hose. The weight of the siding is roughly 4.5kg/m2 and can be applied to the exterior facade of agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential buildings. In fact, metal roofing as siding is also common since some metal roofing panels (especially the standing seam profiles) are similar in structure.

metal siding

Steel roofing and siding panels are resistant to seasonal temperature variations, static loads and bending. The installation process is 100% mechanical and can be done in virtually any outdoor temperature. The main advantages of metal siding including:

  • Easily mounted onto strapping of any type
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Fast installation
  • Durable
  • Installation is simple
  • Resistant to mechanical and adverse outdoor conditions
  • Wide selection of colours and profiles available

Camero metal siding panels are used in the construction of a wide variety of buildings including restaurants, farmhouses, industrial units, shopping malls, warehouses, cottages and residential homes. Steel siding panels can also be applied on interior and exterior walls of gas stations, supermarkets, sport stadiums and more. To combination of sturdy material, fast installation, pristine appearance and high performance allows the use of metal siding panels for the construction of a variety of buildings.

metal roofing and siding

With the use of modern equipment during the production process, Camero manufactures metal siding panels that facilitate natural ventilation of the facade, adjacent walls and insulation. The panels require no additional maintenance and are resistant to deformation and corrosion (due to the high zinc content in the metal). It is important to note that it is beneficial to have all required panels made custom to the individual order of the client. This ensures no excess metal waste during the installation process, which in turn cuts the total cost.