Not only is a metal roof an incredibly rewarding investment, but it also requires minimal roof maintenance. Although metal maintenance is extremely minimal compared to roofing systems using other materials (such as asphalt shingles), there are a few important tips you may need to consider. We suggest that a brief maintenance check should be conducted at least once a year to ensure your metal roof is functioning in perfect condition. You may conduct the inspection on your own if you own a stable tall ladder, otherwise you may contact your metal roofing contractor for assistance.

Roof maintenance

Safety is always the top priory, and climbing a ladder and walking on the roof can be a dangerous task. Be sure to have a method of fall protection in place in the case of an accident. Failure to follow safety requirements can lead to serious injury and/or death. Never walk on the eave flashings and the gutter, hips or ridge flashings. They are not strong enough to support the weight of the person. Never walk on any glass or plastic skylight, only walk around or on the designated skylight curb. Also, do not wear shows with black soles because the potential marks they could leave are hard to remove. Instead, we recommend soft sole shoes for better grip. Remember, if you are not experienced or comfortable climbing onto your roof with a ladder, contact a roofing professional to conduct the inspection for you.

Roof maintenance

During the roof maintenance inspection, clean debris out of the gutters, down spouts and drain boxes. Leaves and other garbage that clog the gutter system can cause leaks and damages. Make sure to remove leaves and tree branches from touching the roof. Check various roof penetrations for loose flashings or possible leaks. Leaks most often come from heat or air ventilation openings and skylights. It is important to remember that some leaks are caused by the shrinking and hardening of applied substances as they dry out, such as silicone caulking. Inspect the areas around chimneys, heat vents and air conditioners. These particular areas can expose your roof to harsh chemicals that may have an adverse reaction (for example: corrosion) with the roof paint overtime. Inspect the condition of the roof paint in general and contact your roofing representative if you see anything unusual.

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Due to a special pre-treatment and primer layer used during the production process, Camero guarantees a 30 year warranty on the coating. Our panels have seven layers of baked-on polymer coating and will not chip, fade or crack – even in the most adverse climate conditions. We have over ten different colours selections that range from bold colours (orange, red) to more neutral tones (brown, gray and black).