A strong and reliable roof is essential in making your family and possessions feel safe in your home so you should schedule a roof repair at first signs of damage. Normal wear and tear on the roof is often overlooked until a leak or some other type of damage forms.

In this article, we discuss suggestions on how you can identify issues with your roof to determine if you require a roof repair.

It is beneficial to conduct a short attic inspection at least once a year to identify areas with possible ice damming or water staining. If you notice a water stain, it means that there is a leakage in your roof that may have been caused by a loose flashing or a poorly installed underlayment. Identify the cause of the leakage if possible and call a roofing contractor to get a roof repair and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Roof repair

Metal roof repair

A metal roof repair may be as simple as a paint touch-up, or something more serious such as a loose piece of trim that is allowing water to seep through. Walk around the perimeter of your home and note any areas with excessive cracking on the exterior of the painted metal roof. Cracking in the paint is often caused by poor ventilation that traps moisture in the attic space instead of dispersing it properly. Moreover, growth of mold and mildew along the interior ceiling lines can also indicate poor ventilation and the need for a metal roof repair.

There are a few obvious warning signs you get from your traditional asphalt shingles when they begin to curl, peel, flake or fall off. All of these signs indicate that the shingles have reached their maximum lifespan and must be repaired or replaced immediately. We commonly find that the Southern exposure side of the roof is more prone to damaged shingles since they are dried by the sun sunlight. At this stage, shingles also start to lose their protective coat of granules and you may notice a large number of granules at the base of your gutter, especially after rainfall.

Metal roof repair

Roof repair cost

Depending on the severity and size of the damage, the roof repair cost will vary. Roof issues can affect proper ventilation and air circulation in your home, allowing hot air to get trapped. In turn, this causes your air conditioning to run for a longer period of time at a cooler temperature during the hot weather season. Likewise, cold air gets trapped in the winter, increasing your heating bills.

To avoid any potential dangers associated with a defective roof and mitigate the potential roof repair cost, it is important to conduct brief inspections at least once a year. If there is apparent damage, call a reliable roofing consultant at Camero to visit your home to assess the damage and determine the roof repair cost. Once that is determined, we will have our installation crew at your home to repair the damage within 24 hours.