Ruscana Engineering

Camero Corporation is a licensed distributor of innovative, high-tech roll-forming lines and cut-to-length and slitting lines for clients in construction, automotive and electro technical industries.

About Ruscana:

Ruscana Engineering offers a wide range of roll-forming equipment for sheet metal processing, designed clients in the construction, automotive, electro technical and other industries.

Established in 2002, Ruscana Engineering is an expanding, modern company manufacturing:

– cut-to-length and slitting lines

– metal roof tile lines

– metal siding, wall panels and soffit lines

– fence system lines

– rain water drainage system  lines

– roofing, wall classing and decking lines

– other equipment for the production of construction materials

Ruscana’s main goal is to provide clients with efficient equipment for maintaining a profitable business.

For 15 years, Ruscana Engineering has been delivering equipment to a number of countries in Europe and Asia. With over 130 well educated and experienced professional staff, Ruscana works hard to meet the demands and needs of all clients.

Ruscana Engineering includes an engineering and design department, technological department, a manufacturing facility, assembly site and service department.

Ruscana considered high-tech methods of manufacturing and implements the most innovative and sophisticated metal-working processes to improve quality, reliability and performance of the equipment. They collaborate with leading software developers and world renowned producers of electronics, hydraulics and pneumatic equipment.

Independent facilities allow Ruscana to implement and monitor an efficient quality control system throughout all of the steps of the manufacturing process. All of the equipment made by Ruscana Engineering is based on a modular design unified with all other parts and units. Everything we manufacture is based on implementing advanced engineering improvement solutions. To guarantee longevity, all tooling instruments are made from high quality, heat-treated alloy steel. Safety  is a priority as well, so all of the equipment comes with emergency alarms, as well as protective guards for all mechanics to ensure durability and smooth line operation.

Ruscana provides consulting services regarding the organization of the manufacturing process at the client’s production site to improve logistics, cut down pre-production costs and service expenses.