Camero™ Pilot Home Special

If you do not see your area listed below, contact us to find out if you qualify for the Camero™ Pilot Home Special. Enjoy premium rates and additional benefits when you become a Camero™ Pilot Home for your area!

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  • Go green – manufactured from 97% recycled material
  • Energy efficient – save up to 25% on energy costs
  • Add curb appeal – increase resale value of your home by 5-12%
  • Improved air quality – ventilation system eliminates excessive moisture and keeps your home mold-free
  • Leakage protection – Panels provide double the normal water removal system
  • Lower insurance costs – profiles were tested and rated for the highest hail, wind and fire ratings
  • Attic inspection – essential in ensuring that your roof is free of any mold or humidity issues.

Other Camero™ Service Areas

Camero metal roofing projects – Scarborough, Ontario

As the homeowner, you need to ask yourself: Am I planning to stay in this home for another 10 years? If your answer it yes, then a metal roof system is the perfect roofing solution for you. Traditional asphalt shingles tend to peel and crack after several years and must be replaced immediately to avoid costly damages. That is why we have seen a large number of homes in the Scarborough region replace traditional shingles with the everlasting Camero metal roof!

Have a look at some recent installation in the Scarborough region.

My husband and I were pleased with how polite, courteous and hardworking the installation crew was. They worked all week through the cold temperatures to ensure that the roof would be complete on time. Left the site clean after each shift and would often update us on the progress.
Rita H.
We decided to put metal roofing on only a section of our new home that was being constructed. Camero was able to schedule an installation that fit with our building plans and the job was complete within one day!
Mark A.