Metal roof snowguards. Steel roof snow stops.


What are snowguards / snowstoppers?

Metal roofs are widely popular in areas that experience heavy snowfalls during the winter season since metal responds well to harsh climatic conditions. However, the important consideration that is often overlooked is the volume of snow the roof will have to bear. Snow density depends on the conditions in the atmosphere as well as the geographic location. Factors contributing to the wide variation of snow density in different regions include altitude, humidity and global positioning. Snow guards are metal devices installed along the perimeter of your roof that hold large volumes of snow, and allow snow and ice to melt completely before falling on the ground. 

Why install snowguards?

The reality of heavy, unbalanced snow loads is a serious issue for all roofs, especially metal roofs. Unbalanced snow loads occur when snow drifts or slides to other parts of the roof, forcing that area of the roof to support a greater volume of snow. Most importantly, steep sloped roofs are extremely susceptible to sliding snow. Sliding snow can cause damage to people, pets, cars, landscaping, gutters, lower roof areas, skylights and other items that might be in the immediate area below your roof.

Why Camero snowguards?

Camero™ snow breakers are designed to provide a barrier to keep snow from sliding off of the edge of a pitched roof and destroying property or injuring people in the pathway below. The professionals at Camero™ will design your personalized snow retention system with consideration to the following: estimated weight of snow load per square foot, slope of the pitch and the potential snow weight in relation to the roof’s slope. Failure to install snow breakers may lead to dangerous snow and ice slides; these threatening avalanches can cause costly damage and are a liability and risk for home owners.

We offer 10 ft long double rail snowguards (pictured) for areas that experience extremely heavy volumes of snow during the winter season. These snowguards hold larger volumes of snow and are usually installed on large complexes and industrial buildings.

On the other hand, we offer 4 ft brackets of snowboards that are installed along the perimeter of each roof that we complete. These smaller snowguards are used to break large volumes of snow on typical residential buildings that see average amounts of snow in the winter. You can see these bars on each project in the gallery section.

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