Prior to considering a standing seam metal roof installation, it is important to understand fundamental concepts of a successful roofing system. Installing metal roofing correctly does require basic knowledge of how the system works and how to properly build in the necessary flashings and trim. Our professional installation crews have years of experience with various types of metal roofing materials, specifically with the Classic Standing Seam and the Quick Snap Standing Seam.

Before the standing seam metal roof installation begins, it is important to consider some important yet often overlooks safety concerns. First, it is the homeowners responsibility to ensure that all of the installers have Working at Heights training. The installers must install and properly know how to operate the fall arrest system that is anchored using appropriate screws. Our installation crews are properly trained and always use safely placed and secured ladders that are safe to operate.

A common question we receive is – should you tear off old shingles? If you want a standing seam metal roof, then you may want to tear off the traditional asphalt shingles their rough surface can crinkle the metal under heavy snowfall. There is also a risk of the asphalt puncturing through the waterproof underlayment that is applied prior to the metal panels. However, if you decide to install a metal tile roofing system (such as the Classic Monterey), it is not necessary to remove the asphalt shingles since it is installed over wood strapping. As a matter of fact, according to Canadian building codes, the maximum permitted number of roofing layers is two.

The tear off of old asphalt shingles will bet he messiest part of the standing seam metal roof installation, unless it is being installed on a new construction. The installation crew normally order a large garbage disposal bin to the job site for the duration of this process. Some other materials required include: roof stripping tools, shovel, working gloves, safety glasses and tarp of sufficient length to dispose of shingles from room.

Standing seam metal roof installation

On new construction, a breathable waterproof underlayment must be installed before the metal roof. This barrier is designed to protect the roof decking from water that occurs from condensation during temperature changes. Since the lifespan of a metal roof is 35-50 years, it is important to use a good quality underlayment. In areas with colder climates, it is a good idea (and also may be required by local building codes) to install an ice and water membrane. This underlayment is installed as one width (3 to 6 feet) along the eaves and valleys of the roof.

The Classic Standing Seam and the Quick Snap Standing Seam profiles consist of sheet metal roofing panels that are joined side by side and attached to the roof deck with concealed fasteners. The connecting point where the two steel panels meet forms a vertically pointed rib that is 1 – 1/2 inches tall. The difference between the two profiles is the way panels are secured to one another. All metal panels are cut on site to the desired length using a portable standing seam slitting machine, designed by our parent company, Ruscana. In terms of minimum slope of the roof, the greater the slope of the roof the better, as standing seam is a water-shedding system that relies on slope and gravity to shed away rainwater and snow.