As Standing Seam metal roofing manufacturers, we ensure that only the highest quality of raw materials are used during the production process.

If you love the look of long, clean, vertical lines and low slopes, then our Standing Seam metal roof system is your perfect roof. With the Camero Classic Standing Seam metal panels and the Camero Snap-Lock Standing Seam panels, we specialize in elegant rooflines that seemingly go on forever with no interruptions that catch the eye. Both profiles are deigned using advanced roll-forming equipment that allows the metal to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations and keep the building protected from high winds and heavy rain, snow and hail.

Standing seam metal roofing manufacturers

The Snap-Lock Standing Seam metal panels are usually manufactured at the job site with the use of portable roll-forming equipment. Although this greatly reduces the risk of damage during transportation, it is also more labor intensive. The Standing Seam metal roof installation is done without the specialized tight-seaming clips that are found on the Classic Standing Seam. Instead, it is a profile that snaps down on one side and is screwed down through its fabricated pleated edge on the other. This type of Standing Seam steel roof must be installed on solid substrate such as plywood.

standing seam metal roofing manufacturers

The Classis Standing Seam steel panels are extremely durable and water-resistant because all fasteners are concealed. The unique mechanical-lock design forms a sealed, weather-tight unit with no exposed rivets or screws on the surface of the panels. The longitudinal seam engagements of this type of steel roof combined with specialized trim are designed to effectively keep moisture out. It may be installed on an existing roof or on a newly constructed structure over the roof deck. It is very important to ensure that your Standing Seam roofing system does not allow water to seep through into the attic space. Any moisture in the attic space may lead to hazardous mold and rotten wood, followed by costly repairs.

As standing seam metal roofing manufacturers, all standing seam metal roofing panels can be cut to a pre-determined length on site by our specialized installation crews.

From whichever profile you select, the Camero Standing Seam metal roof decorates any structure with a clean, modern design that has the power to elevate the property value and attractive appeal of any building – residential, commercial or agricultural!