Portable Standing Seam Roll Former, model PSR-005-01

Portable standing seam roll former, model PSR 005-01, hereinafter referred to as Equipment, is intended for roll forming standing seam profiles using galvanized steel including polymer coating, copper, aluminum, zinc-titanium (Fig.1).


Fig. 1 General view of the equipment

Raw material requirements:

  • zinc content coating – 100…275 g/m2;
  • yield strength 280…320 N/mm2;
  • coil width – 15.9″ (404 mm) … 27.9” (709 mm);
  • coil thickness – 0.45 mm…0.60 mm;
  • copper and zinc-titanium thickness – 0.7…0.8 mm

Technical characteristics:

  • Roll forming speed: up to 12 m/min.
  • Installed power capacity – 2х0.75 kW
  • Power supply voltage at frequency of 60 Hz, 115/208-230 V
  • Temperature operating mode of the equipment +35°– 10 °С
  • Overall dimensions of the equipment in set with transverse knife and embossing roller dies (LxWxH), 1850х1224х1122 mm.
  • Total weight of the equipment in set with transverse knife and embossing roller dies is 416 kg.
  • Adjustment of the equipment to the required width of the profile is performed by manually moving the profiling units relative to the marked center.
  • In transport position equipment is disassembled into seven parts: frame, two profiling units, 2 motor reducers for each of profiling units, transverse knife and embossing roller dies.
  • Required operating personnel: 4 persons.


  1. Uncoiler «Liner»
  2. Portable Standing Seam Roll Former, model PSR 005-01
  3. Transverse knife
  4. Embossing roller dies
  5. Roller base receiving table

Technical specifications:

1Uncoiler «Liner»Yes
1.1Lifting capacity180 kg
1.2Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm520х1080х400
1.3Weight45 kg
2Portable Standing Seam Roll Former, model PSR 005 
2.1Quantity of roll-forming stations7
2.2Profiling rolls materialInstrument steel with heat treatment
2.3Product width readjustmentmanual
2.4Control boxhardware base Lenze (Germany)
2.5Overall dimensions of the equipment (LxWxH), approximately in mm1620х1100х1122
2.5.1Left profiling unit1620х1056х1120
2.5.2Right profiling unit1620х1056х1120
2.5.4motor-reducer Lenze (Germany) with bracket385х275х280
2.6Weight of the equipment, approximately kg374
2.6.1Left profiling unit127
2.6.2Right profiling unit114
2.6.4motor-reducer Lenze (Germany) with bracket14
3Transverse knifeYes
3.1Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm475х1110х575
4Embossing roller diesYes
4.1Overall dimensions (LxWxH), approximately in mm868х300х100
4.2Weight, no more than17
5Roller base receiving table 
5.1Dimensions (LxWxH), no more than490х455х865 mm
5.2Weight, no more than15 kg/pcs.

Fig.2. Lay-out of the equipment (mm)

Fig.3. Profile drawing

Equipment specification

1Portable standing seam roll former, model PSR 005-01, consist of:1Set
1.1Uncoiler «Liner»1pcs
1.2Portable standing seam roll former, model PSR 005-011pcs
1.3Transverse knife1pcs
1.4Embossing roller dies1pcs
1.5Roller base receiving table4pcs


1Left profiling unit (for profile with height 1.0″- 25.4 mm), 1 pcs.
2Right profiling unit (for profile with height 1.0″- 25.4 mm), 1 pcs.

1. Delivery time: within 2.0 – 2.5 months
2. Terms of delivery:
DDP Toronto: 103 St Regis Crescent S, North York, ON M3J 1Y6, Canada.

3. Payment terms:
– 50% within 5 (five) business days after signing the contract
– 30% within 2 (two) months from the date of the first advance payment
– 20% within 3 (three) banking days after notification of the equipment readiness for shipment

* Payment terms can be changed

4. Warranty
Seller guarantees normal equipment functioning during 12 months since the date of shipment from the seller’s warehouse.

We are looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!

The offer is valid for 14 days!

Fig.4. Profile drawing with height 1.0″- 25.4 mm – option