Ventilated Metal Strapping

Thanks to our innovative strength and pioneering spirit, we continue to set new standards and strengthen our position as a technology leader in metal roofing materials, including a highly advanced steel strapping system. The Camero ™ perforated strapping system is made from lightweight, hot galvanized steel and is coated in a zinc coating to ensure durability and resistance to corrosion or deformation.

This product can be used as strapping prior to installing siding and metal roofing tiles. The exceptional strength of the steel combined with a specially designed shape of the profile provides increased strength to the strapping system. The perforated holes in the steel straps allow for air to circulate and prevent the accumulation of moisture in the attic.

For optimal ventilation, the straps should be installed on a pitch no higher than 0.35m for roofing tiles, and 0.50m for a facade system. The rafter should be installed in increments of 1.96-2.62 ft, depending on the material used for the rafter.

MaterialZinc-coated galvanized steel
Thickness0.6mm (0.023 in) ; 0.7mm (0.027in)
LengthCan be any size; standard is 10 ft  (3.048 m)

Advantages of Ventilated Strapping for metal roof or metal siding system

In comparison to traditional wooden strapping, there are several benefits of using  the ventilated steel strapping system:

  1. Service life of roofing system increases due to the longevity of the ventilated steel strapping system.
  2. Guaranteed ventilation in the roofing system as a result of perforations made in the steel strapping.
  3. Guaranteed preservation of the shape of the whole roofing or facades system.
  4. Steel strapping is incombustible and meets the requirements of fire safety.
  5. Does not warp or dry out like traditional wooden strapping.
  6. Fast and easy installation.
  7. Each straps fits easily into the other which makes transportation easy.
  8. Recyclable, no wasted material.

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