Camero™ Corporation is proud to announce that all of it’s professional roofing consultants and installers have completed the mandatory Working at Heights training program.
This training requirement is for workers on construction projects who use any of the following methods of fall protection: travel restraint systems, fall resisting systems, safety nets and work belts. This training requirement is in the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training Regulation, and is in addition to training requirements under the Construction Regulation.

Why is this important to you as a homeowner? Depending on the circumstance, homeowners may be considered contractors and are subject to obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act is they hire multiple contractors to work on the project at the same time. It is beneficial for the homeowner to ensure that all workers are safe. This can be as simple as asking if their workers have been trained, and how they plan to keep workers safe of site, before signing a contract. Especially when workers will be working at heights (like repairing a roof), homeowners should ask contractors if their workers have been training to do the work safely. It is best to confirm that the company has a valid Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) certificate by checking online: Also, stick around to see if workers control fall hazards with guardrails and safety equipment such as harnesses, lifelines and anchor points.

Staying safe is in all of our best interest!